Auto Related Injuries

Accident victims face permanent injuries, a decreased ability to work, and crippling pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Given this loss, you owe it to yourself to maximize recovery by working with an expert to ensure the best possible outcome.

Proper handling of serious motor vehicle accidents requires knowledge of state and federal law as well as the medical industry and health insurance laws. Given the large disruption and loss following such collisions, you owe it to yourself and your future to work with an expert. We are here to help!

We add value to your case by:

     ◆  Facilitating medical treatment
Investigating liability and law enforcement actions
Properly documenting lost wages 
     ◆  Maximizing pain and suffering compensation
Negotiating medical liens and subrogation claims
Ensuring your legal rights are protected

What we handle:

     ◆  Commercial and semi-truck accidents
     ◆  Car accidents (DUI & hit-and-run) 
     ◆  Pedestrian accidents
Motorcycle accidents